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Total sixes from all the world's 649 Lotto Games is some 17,850 or 0.12% of the potential numbers. The Chart you see here now is the same data as I posted 12th March, 2005 but slightly different in presentation.

Time and again I have come across recommendations to only play Sixes that sum to around 150 with the only supporting evidence being a Bell Curve; you can do a Bell Curve for passing a stool.

There is nothing to get remotely excited over. For the count of the Sum Group from the 13,983,816 Combinations in 6/49 Lotto their occurrence in the World's 17,850 Lotto Draws is proportional and I don't see any that sit up and bark at me.

I have included a little table for the 44 Sum Groupings that did not put in a show and given 17,850 is only .12% (or 0.12765%) of 13,983,816 this is not unexpected.

Trivia: If you add up the expected column it totals 17,850. If you add all the Sum Groupings together it totals 38,850. The total number of Sum Groupings is 259.  

This my friends is the well and truly utter debunking of the Sums Lotto Myth.

Headings Explained

  • Sum: Sum Grouping
  • All: Count of the Sum Grouping in 13,983,816 Combinations from 49 Integers.
  • Expt: Expected using the ratio from above.
  • Wld: Actual count for world's 649 Lotto Games.
  • Diff: Difference between World's 649 Actual and Expected
  • Diff%: Diff as a percentage of Expected - obviously some should be ignored because of the small sample. 

Sum Groups with no appearances for 17,850 Draws - not unexpected.

For those who like to look at Sums by band here is overwhelming proof that which Sum Band you choose is of no statistical significance.

Here is a chart which shows pretty well what is expected is what occurs - in other words that the incidence is proportional to the quantity. There is no advantage in using particular SUMS.


ps If you're looking for 150 go to 7.55%. Expected 212 - actual 228 - 16 in 17,850 Draws. If you think you can do something with that then Gunga Din's got nothing on you.


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