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Analysis of Potential Win Groupings for Pick 6, Pool 49 Lotto
Playing 32 Line Cover C(11,6,4,4)=32
or Wheel with Guarantee, 4 if 4 in 11
by Colin Fairbrother
With 88% of the possible winning combinations giving zilch compared to only 54% for my best set the sheer audacity, con-artistry or just plain ignorance is apparent for the self styled "Lotto number experts". As one silver tongued con-artist admits in his self evident litany of lies he just doesn't have the time to check things out; too busy spending the money that the gullible send him.
This Cover or Wheel with Guarantee is extolled by the likes of Professor Iliya Bluscov System (#21) and Gail Howard (#305). Gail Howard got into the Lotto book publishing side of things by flogging Ivan Dimitrov's self published How to Win at Lotto & Pick 6. It contained mainly tables of Covers or Wheels which are now freely available on the web but as I show in this thread useless as far as increasing your chances of winning.
Bulgaria, the birth place of Ivan Dimitrov, is along with Hungary and Romania the leading countries in the world for Lotto mis-information. If you read an article on Lotto Designs by some professor chances are when you look at his qualifications, the University of Sophia in Bulgaria will feature prominently. I'm happy to acknowledge that Ivan Dimitrov along with the promotional expertise of Gail Howard was the start of the popular misinformation stream in this field of interest in the USA.
However, research on Lotto Designs or Covers started in the 1850's when the famous Steiner C(22,6,3,3)=77 Cover became known, which has all the 1540 possible combinations of three integers from a Pool of 22 appearing once only in the 77 CombSix lines. So the real pioneers in this field are the likes of T P Kirkman, J Steiner, W S B Woolhouse and J Pluecker.
But even before the 1850's there was interest in arranging numbers in ways that achieved a particular result. Considering Magic Squares where a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row add up to the same number there is no 2 x 2 square but the one and only 3 x 3 square, the Lo Shu square was known in China in 3,000 BC. By contrast there are 880 4 x 4 squares the most famous being the one in the top right hand corner of the Melancholia engraving by the famous artist, Albrecht Durer in 1514. (This date is shown in the middle of the last row.)
3 x 3 Magic Square using Loubère Siamese method
                                      8 1 6
                                      3 5 7
                                      4 9 2
Durer 4 x 4 Magic Square
This is ranked Set 5 in an analysis comparison of 15 differently constructed sets of numbers to play which includes other subset repeats, Covers or Wheels with Guarantees, Random Selections and the set which is proven to be the best, my Unique 3's ™ using all the integers for the game and maximizing the coverage of the potential winning numbers. You can generate these best numbers online and save them for later checking for wins at LottoToWin
Colin Fairbrother

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