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Analysis of Potential Win Groupings for Pick 6, Pool 49 Lotto
Playing a System 8 or Full Wheel with 28 Combinations
by Colin Fairbrother 
Playing a System 8 or Full Wheel for 8 integers which is 28 combinations of six integers we see that of the 13,983,816 possible Sixes 95% will give us nothing.
A little over 4% will give us 10 threes due to the high concentration of repeat Threes. Similarly, if you are lucky enough to get a Four you don't just get 1 Four but 6 with 16 Threes thrown in as well. Most people I know would be happy to have 1 Four once in a blue moon rather than a whole bunch of them at the next passing of Haley's Comet!
The Fives really indicate the absurdity of playing this set. In many years of playing you may not get one Five. Surely, most people when made aware that they have repeat Fives in the set would opt to have different ones thus increasing their chances for a Five each draw instead of getting 3 Fives, 15 Fours and 10 Threes.
When it comes to the winning Six most people would be happy with that and instead of getting 12 Fives and 15 Fours as well opt to have those as separate win possibilities.
This is Set 2 in an analysis comparison of 15 differenty constructed sets of numbers to play which includes other subset repeats, Covers or Wheels with Guarantees, Random Selections and the set which is proven to be the best, my Unique 3's ™ using all the integers for the game and maximizing the coverage of the potential winning numbers. You can generate these best numbers online and save them for later checking for wins at LottoToWin

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