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Total sixes from all the world's 649 Lotto Games in my table is some 17,850 or 0.12% of the potential numbers. 

As with Sums time and again I have come across recommendations to only play Combs where the Odds and Evens are each 3. Apart from limiting your Combs to one third of the potential number it achieves nothing. Relative to the number in each of the 7 categories there is equal proportional representation.

  • 0 Even (6 Odd)
  • 1 Even (5 Odd)
  • 2 Even (4 Odd)
  • 3 Even (3 Odd)
  • 4 Even (2 Odd)
  • 5 Even (1 Odd)
  • 6 Even (0 Odd)

Having an extra odd number makes no difference. As I keep saying the numbers are only identifiers. Categorizing the combinations by some criteria which is not relevant to the draw selection gives you no edge. Each combination has a 1 in 13,983,816 chance of being picked and if you play 50 numbers you have 50 in 13,983,816 or 1 in 279,676 of getting it right ie it is proportional. Play 6,991,908 numbers each draw and 50% of the draws you will get the winning number .... but you could go as much as 10 draws and not get it. 

And this is well and truly an utter debunking of the Odds-Evens Lotto myth


ps A few filterologists must be wailing and gnashing their teeth.

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