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This presentation of the Base Doubles and Unmatched has equal representation of the 10 digits 0 to 9 in each group of 10 as is the case in all the Base Doubles or all the Base Unmatched or all the Triples. In other words it enables as an example the 120 Base Unmatched to be split into say 2 groups without any bias for a particular integer. Each Unmatched Group of 10 has a 6% chance - each Double Group of 10 has a 3% chance - and the Triple Group has a 1% chance - of being drawn.

There are 1,000 3 digit numbers that can be played straight in Pick 3 and a win is obtained if you have the number in the exact order. The numbers (except the Triples) can also be played boxed where the order is not important. This table is my own convention for representing these numbers; you should note that if the number is a Double it can also present in two other ways and if an Unmatched in 5 other ways.

In Jackpot Lotto games my recommended method of playing is to use number sets with the least amount of repetition of the subset combinations of Two or Three integers, use all the integers and maximize the coverage of your set. Applying the same principles to Pick 3 anyone of the 12 Unmatched sets is OK and gives you the greatest chance of a win. If you are playing, say, 30 numbers then you could include a set of the Doubles.

If you use these groups of numbers as a source for the numbers you play in a single State game my suggestion is that you decide on one or more unmatched groups to play and if after a certain number of draws without a hit, say 10 draws if you are playing 20 lines, you then do not pay to enter but monitor until a hit is made and then you resume paying to enter. You decide the "sweet" spot where you cease paying and start monitoring, thus avoiding very long dry spells. This is only a suggestion - not a rule.

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