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Playing a Wheel with Guarantee, 3 if 4 in 19
or 30 Line Cover C(19,6,3,4)=30 
in a Pick 6, Pool 49 Lotto Game 
an Analysis of Win Groupings for 13,983,816 Possibilities 
by Colin Fairbrother
Would you knowingly play a set of numbers in a Pick 6, Pool 49 Lotto game where for no good reason 3 of the combinations of 4 integers are repeated twice and repectively 57 of the combinations of 3 integers are repeated twice and 2 repeated 3 times. Well, that is the case with this Lotto Wheel or Cover which guarantees a Three win if 4 of the integers are correct in a pool of 19 you have chosen out of the possible 49. The decoy with these nonsense Covers, that have been touted since the 1980's by various con-artists and still are, is the guarantee, without consideration of how your chances of winning any prize or prizes are reduced!
This is Set 11 in an analysis comparing 15 differenty constructed sets of 28 (or near to that) numbers to play which includes other subset repeats, Covers or Wheels with Guarantees, Random Selections and the set which is proven to be the best, my Unique 3's ™ using all the integers for the game and maximizing the coverage of the potential winning numbers. You can generate these best numbers online and save them for later checking for wins at LottoToWin

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The author may be contacted at To generate sets of Lotto numbers to play for most Lotto games around the world go to LottoToWin ® where for a US$5.00 annual subscription you can store the numbers as well, to check later for wins. The numbers produced have no duplicate subset combinations of two integers (if applicable) or three integers, use all the integers for the particular Lotto game and maximize the coverage of the potential winning main number. The articles on this site have been selected from the many at the forum LottoPoster
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